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16-Aug-2022 Pep talk

An experiment in an alternative medium

I don’t normally do videos because you have to set up a whole bunch of lighting kit to do it well, powder your nose, and pay attention to those awkward speech tics from self-consciously talking to a lump of plastic and glass. Plus I end up being hunted down by lady admirers… but I will cope. (Seriously, there’s one obsessed cyber stalker who just won’t go away.)

Anyhow, I have the gear for doing quick and easy videos on my phone, and if I sit with natural light near the window I look beautiful enough. There’s even a brief flash of some bare knees for adoring fans of my fabulous legs.

Lined up for this autumn we have exposure of the horror of the Covid megahoax, the termination of the commie takeover via election fraud, and a financial collapse and reset. Plus whatever else your standard apocalypse throws at us. Should keep us all busy. Just in the meantime we sit and wait for the main show to begin. I thought I would capture what it is like for posterity.


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