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God don't save this monarchy

The departure of QE2 sets up some… interesting narrative possibilities

This is typical of Britain right now — an email from my school alumni association:

Charles was best mates with nonce Jimmy Savile, mentored by notorious paedophile Mountbatten, and has been intimately involved in ecofascism and the WEF-led Covid scam. This isn’t going to end with the House of Windsor reigning over us serfs without some… serious controversy.

I really don’t care if we have a republic or monarchy, and for all I know at this rate we will end up with Donald Trump as king and Diana as his queen. I have never taken any oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, and never would have given what I know, so I owe her nothing. What I do know if the epic black sense of humour of anons and those of their ilk, and her passing marks a milestone in world affairs.

“Enjoy the show” and the “first arrest will shock the world”. Call me crazy, but I see some world-changing events being put The Storm into the final approach to land in London. Expose the British Crown’s crimes (a distinct thing from QE2) and the media who covered for them, and the world changes bigly. As monarch she’s the keystone of the whole rotten system of compromised courts and their human trafficking.

In the meantime, I have my lemon and ginger tea on the stove; I was going to drive down south today but don’t feel great. I may or may not attend the protest against biometric checkouts at Tesco’s HQ tomorrow.

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From Blackpool in Lancashire back in June.

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