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How to relate to those who are now transhuman?

If anything is sacred, it is the genes that makes us human, and now it is defiled in many

In this video I contrast the current National Health Service claims of safety for the “vaccines” with the reality of mass murder by the state. The day of the collapse of the Covid scam is getting closer and closer. The positioning of Twitter is preparing the masses for the reality of mind control via social media and AI bots, as well as the collision of the false narrative with reality in a fair contest in public. Our primary job in this time is to rest and prepare for the collective scream to come when the truth becomes unavoidable to all.

I would never, ever have guessed that the Bible lays it all out there in detail, but it does. The warnings about the desecration of the code of life are clear and stark, so this seems like a recurring problem in civilisations. My ex-wife has four degrees including a PhD in molecular biology, and took the jab. It is unthinkable to her that her technical expertise could have led her astray, causing her to ignore the spiritual problem of (self-)deception. I don’t wish harm on anyone, and it gives me zero satisfaction to see anyone defile themselves in this most abominable way. Yet here we are: humanity has de facto divided into “homo pureblood” and “homo pukeblood”.

Those who declined the poison poke now face very difficult ethical decisions. What do we say to those who have joined a death cult? How do we act towards them, both when they are unaware, and when the truth hits? What obligations do we have to them? How are we still related to them, if at all, if we no longer share the same human genetics, let alone familial ties? My best answer is to let the “falling away” happen on its own time and energy. I live alone and sit quietly much of the time watching the trees and passing weather. “Not doing anything” is the new form of achievement in my personal cosmology.

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The trees don’t seem to be GMO, unlike half my friends and relatives.

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