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How to respond to highly personal propaganda?

In an information war there are reputational casualties with real consequences

I have a general policy of ignoring trolls and not wasting my time deconstructing propaganda. Instead I prefer to focus on giving people valued insight, and celebrating truth and beauty. Nonetheless, in any environment you have your toxic waste, and it has to be dealt with somehow. If the kinetic battlefield has spent uranium polluting the land, then the information warfare has character smears left long after the battle has been won. How should we relate to the many legacy media outlets of the Deep State once they are fully exposed as fronts for organised crime?

If you look at the Wikipedia page on QAnon, it has the following to say about me:

In October 2020, anti-racist advocacy group Hope not Hate said that British influencer Martin Geddes ran "one of the most popular QAnon Twitter accounts in the world". In October 2021, Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, a French QAnon-associated conspiracy theorist, was charged with terrorism for having planned a coup against the French government. Various associates of Daillet-Wiedemann were also arrested and charged in late 2021 and early 2022.

This infers I am likely racist and a possible terrorist. As far as I am concerned, being attacked in the past by the Soros goons at Hope not Hate is one of the highlights of the war. My efforts have caused them to react and have to name me as one of the biggest trouble makers. I never got into this business to seek accolades, but the enemy is giving out medals anyway, so I might as well bask in the glory! That said, we now have a nasty residue of paid-for lies from accomplices to treason and crimes against humanity. In this video I reflect up some options of how to deal with the “reputation rape” that many of us have been subjected to.

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Wikipedia panhandling for cash. You must be joking. Get woke, go broke.
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