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I just got back from the police station…

I have had a go at reporting my council for their criminal conduct

I have prima facie evidence of serious organised crime at Durham County Council. I repeatedly ask for the Liability Order they claim they have against me for council tax debt. They ignore my request each time, and instead threaten me with enforcement, which is unlawful outside of due process. This is the equivalent of claiming you have a warrant — when you don’t — and then entering into someone’s home: it’s a crime. In this case it is blackmail, as defined in the Theft Act 1968: A person is guilty of blackmail if, with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, he makes any unwarranted demand with menaces. Asking for payment without due process cannot be warranted.

The police are required by law to investigate any crime. In this case they have refused to acknowledge that there is a crime. It is exactly what I expected… they just classify it as “council tax” and dismiss any wrongdoing by their own paymasters as a civil matter to be ignored. (The council fund the police; there is a conflict of interest.) However, the constable I spoke too did see that there was a real problem; it was her boss who squashed it right away. Corruption is subtle and endemic. The person at the reception wanted to shoo me away without even hearing my complaint or looking at my evidence of criminal conduct. No wonder the council are so confident that they can get away with anything!

I knew that we live in an institutionally corrupt society; Covid tells you all you need to know. However, I am glad that I went through the process today. The police denied that there was a crime, when clearly there is one. It cannot be lawful to demand payment where there is no valid court order. You have to experience the lack of interest in justice in order to understand how rotten the system is. The posters in reception were on child sexual abuse (they are accomplices), hate crime (political correctness), and extremism (repression of dissent). I can hardly wait for 2023… it all has to come crashing down. In the meantime, I will keep escalating and do what it takes to protect myself.

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I asked to take a picture of the mural in reception. You have to laugh at the irony!
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