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It cannot be reformed, so it has to collapse

Once criminality gets too deeply embedded, you have to start again

Although I paid money on account as requested, I haven’t filed a tax return for last year. I don’t plan to for this year either. I have ignored their demand for money as a penalty for late filing because all penalties are fines, and fines require a court case, and there wasn’t one. This isn’t my opinion, it is the result of a lawsuit that the taxman lost recently. I don’t owe them anything because the state has attacked us and caused us harm. That the taxman continues to act the same unlawful way just shows that they are gangsters, and we do not have a legitimate system of representative government to hold them to account.

I am doing the same with my Council Tax. Never in my life have I refused to pay a bill before — I have been a model citizen in that respect. I will go to enormous lengths to fulfil what I consider my civic duty. Covid means the relationship is over, and now I simply treat the council as the predators and criminals that they are. Again, the absence of a legitimate court where I can raise an objection to funding terrorism means that their fraudulent demands for money have to be resisted. My civic duty is to avoid compliance, and to force them to be held accountable for lawless behaviour. Every avenue has to be exhausted.

We are fighting Globalists because globalism has the lowest level of accountability and the greatest distance from the sovereign individual. We do need governance, but not necessarily large and centralised government. Self-governing structures can be done in in decentralised ways through voluntary association, and ironically it has been the libertarian left that has historically given this most thought. Ideally there would be a much stronger spiritual component, which is the right’s contribution, so that righteousness is restored to its primary place. Those who gain privilege from the current way of governing us will never let go of their benefits, so the whole matrix of control has to collapse, before we come together to build something better.

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I haven’t picked up my camera in two weeks, which is the longest in years. Stressed.

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