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It really is all about the children after all

The adult matters of propaganda, genocide, and corruption aren't the core thing

Over the next few days, weeks, and months we as humanity are going to have to confront some very unpleasant facts. The mass media has been covering up the worst possible crimes against children. Ritual sacrifice, widespread rape, paedophile blackmail, cannibalism, organ harvesting, genetic mutilation, illegal experiments, slow torture, slave markets, chimeric monstrosities, forced trafficking, state-sanctioned theft, deliberate vaccine harm, gender bending wickedness, brain damaging devices, and more. Children are the victims of many horrors. It happens because we as a species have not protected them well enough. We cannot blame the perpetrators alone.

Being the 5th November it is a day to reflect upon traitors, treason, and trust. Maybe we get the take-down of the mass media today — it’s a “V for Vendetta” kind of moment. Maybe we don’t. It all happens on its own timing. What we do control is our own lives, and whether we are ultimately in the services of forces that seek life (and nurture of children)… or death (and desecration of the innocent). None of us is pure and perfect, but there is a clear divide between those who will use children for self-serving purposes, if only as tacit bystanders, and those who won’t stand for such behaviour any longer. I am no longer friends with any people who knowingly abuse children, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually.

It would be very easy to get lost in all the adult matters which surround us right now. Those who took the poison poke will have to confront the consequences. I am choosing to prioritise my efforts and energies around the needs of future generations. That means I need to sort my own moral struggles out first, so I am both bodily available and in the righteous way of being. It’s not easy, but it’s not about me. The real task is to use these shocking revelations to trigger a necessary restructuring of our personal social landscape as well as society at large. Our children have been predated by evil, so all warrior souls need to step up now and act to stop the cultural and carnal devastation.

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Yesterday up at Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland — edge of the Roman Empire.

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