Reject the Cult of Official Authority

The unlawful and untruthful is also the ungodly

Oops — I am still wearing yesterday’s t-shirt as I haven’t had a bath or a shave yet. So much for doing pristine videos with perfect lighting and grading while looking my absolute best. Better to put out something that offers a purposeful message than to wait for the “perfect” conditions (yet nothing ever gets done).

The belief in an objective reality, that exists independently of either your or my perspective or perception, is what some refer to as “God” — an “all that there is” of which we are just a tiny fractal fragment. It cannot be proven, thus requires faith. Officialdom inserts itself as a false arbiter of what is real and righteous, and uses the cover of legislation (not the same as law) to manipulate people into accepting these inversions of truth and morality. It is not godly.

TV Licensing are inverting the burden of proof and are engaged in unlawful harassment of those who do not own a television. This video highlights how they intimidate people via the appearance of being “official”. It is a pure abuse of power. If I went to the local police station to file a complaint it would be ignored. That they cannot easily be held to account tells you a lot about whether the police enforce law (i.e. protect the public) or policy (i.e. protect revenue streams).

In this case they are trying to force me into accepting the legitimacy of their stance: that I owe them some kind of interaction or explanation about my (lack of) television ownership. This is a letter from a corporation, and I am a human being. There is nothing lawful about corporations threatening house visits because you don’t want to buy their product. It is also fraudulent because it has a printed signature, and not a wet ink one. These are not minor complaints.

When you accept these factual flips and ethical perversions then you are worshiping something other than All That There Is. What seems like a trivial matter — the structure of an envelope, the addressing of a letter, the framing of a request — is actually symptomatic of a far deeper and more serious problem. The very nature of corporate government and commercial legislation is in opposition to our innate rights as living men and women. We are obligated to reject all such abuses, lest they grow to consume us.

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