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So what is this 'spiritual' thing, anyway?

When we look at the ultimate ends we serve, there can be surprises in store

I am slowly learning a new language and perspective of spiritual inquiry. It is quite humbling to be back in kindergarten, and realising that you have a lot to learn before you really grow up. In this video I make an attempt to define what it means to be spiritual, at least from my own viewpoint on life. The word “spiritual” means different things to different people, some of whom embrace it as the foundation of all life, and for others it is a repugnant horror to be dismissed as quickly as possible.

The core division in our society is about the ultimate authority that we serve. The humanists and atheists have put secular institutions in that place — scientists, government, technocrats, performers, and judges. I am leaning ever more to the viewpoint that there is a higher authority, albeit ineffable, that defines for us the nature of reality and morality in ways we are not at liberty to alter. Just as water runs downhill everywhere and always, there are ways of channeling flow that align to the ultimate preferred state of the cosmos (bringing life), and other ways that go against it (causing death).

I arrogantly used to look upon theology as a subject for the weak-minded who couldn’t hack it as scientists. Now I am having to humble myself, as I realise that I have made a mistake. There is a whole world of rational inquiry into the nature of existence and metaphysics that I have failed to take appropriate account of, having confused it with religion, which abhors me. The difficulty is that this subject area is deliberately and knowingly subverted in order to serve the needs of the powerful. Their preferred trick is to get you to adopt a false spirituality of their choosing, so they need not coerce your mind and body in order to gain the outcome they seek for themselves.

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The spirit of life in action.

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