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Solving rigged elections via paradoxical methods

A little bit of theory about the nature of change helps us to stay calm as it happens

Democrats (and RINOs) cheating in elections has all the surprise of a dog pooing in a park, i.e. none whatsoever. For transformational change to happen we need to replace our election systems with new ones designed to remove all the current fraud and failure modes. To anyone versed in information security the error-prone handoffs, obscure unreliable technology, and lack of maintenance of process invariants is laughable and obviously deliberate. This will be new blockchain system allied to the new financial system which can only be brought in after the total collapse and discrediting of the old ones.

The last two elections have made the cheats complacent and they think they can get away with it a third time, or at least have no choice about whether to cheat again. This isn’t going to be allowed: the final precipice is coming where the American republic would be lost if this were to continue. We already see in Brasil the precedent being set up for military intervention, and the timing is not accidental. This all ends well, but we need to understand the paradoxical nature of change, which I outline in the video. The energy has to come from the right place in order for it not to be destructive.

A lot of interesting dates are coming up. Today is 5th November on the international fixed calendar, so may be a day to remember. Friday is “fryday” and 11/11/22, being both Veterans Day in America and highly significant in numerology. On the 14th we have National Seatbelt Day, so who knows what happens. Qsday this month — the 17th — is the 321st day of the year. The 18th (“R”) is the 5th (again) on the Julian calendar and the 322nd day of the year, so a good time to reverse the work of the Skull and Bones crew. 19th (“President of the republic”) is the day after with freedom protests. Then the 24th and Thanksgiving is the 17th day of the transformation period, beginning with the 8th. It’s all going to be OK, just a rough ride to get there.

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Well, it amused me. Primary colours rock!

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