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Spiritual Situational Awareness Matrix

A big and posh term for "WTF am I doing wrong and why?"

This is a spiritual war, but what that means has taken me a long time to (begin to) understand. The enemy loves to entangle us in contracts, which are agreements, and imply a right (conformity) and wrong (non-conformity). Doing the “right thing” by the system of contracts looks like morality, but it is not. True morality is righteousness, and that’s a different category. It requires you to disobey and be non-conforming when the contracts and law are unholy.

I am pleased with the pioneering work I have done in telecoms and on the Great Awakening, and they are the product of an active mind. Underpinning both has been an longing for the complete truth, and a refusal to accept any intermediate authority as having the final say on what truth is. That is an unarticulated spiritual quest for the holy — that which is the whole, not merely a part, and possibly a manipulated part for wicked ends. Becoming a “holier man” (not that any of us is good) involves healing spiritual wounds to become whole again with All That There Is.

While I have had successes, I have also had failures — personal, familial, and public. What I am discovering is that my failures are largely through a lack of spiritual awareness and wisdom, and that I have to up my game. The skill of the mind might be discipline and focus, but that of the spirit is humility and perseverance. The “Spiritual Situational Awareness Matrix” is my mind’s attempt to locate myself with relation to the spiritual, and prompt me to avoid category errors about the nature of problems I face.

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