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The anons will become warrior philanthropists

If the assets and control over resources are reallocated in a collapse, what's next?

My experience in tech and telecoms — developing a “grand unified theory of distributed computing” — gave me exposure to “thinking like a general”. You get accustomed to looking outside of all established norms and having to operate at a scale and scope that is inaccessible to most. A general joins together the lessons of the distant past, while also holding in mind a vision of an unknowable future, in order to act wisely and decisively in the present. As today is 11/11 and Veterans Day in America I am reflecting on the war from this “totality of the battlefield” perspective (as best as I can grasp it).

You don’t need to be a strategic genius to see that the financial system as-is will collapse and need total reform. There are battling visions of The Great Reset (totalitarian collectivist technocracy) versus The Great Awakening (sovereign individualist liberty). Last five years have been a training course to select, up-skill, and toughen the warrior men and women — the “anons” — who will have to carry this process of societal reconstruction forward in accordance with the latter. The assets of the corrupt have been seized and will be redistributed. My sense is that we anons are about to be given enormous resources and great responsibility.

To “trust the plan” means not only to believe that the enemy will be defeated and that truth and justice will prevail. It is to know that the ultimate plan has to be you and me — taking up our innate power to create, refusing to collaborate with evil, and giving others who lag an example to emulate. We seem to be entering into a tumultuous period of global military rule while governments are removed, the scams are exposed, and tribunals are televised. This leads into a multi-generational process of renovating our culture and reconstructing society. The army of digital soldiers will be part of the celebrations and commemorations of future days like this one.

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Somehow we will make it across together.

Future of Communications
Future of Communications
Martin Geddes