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The end of my "legal childhood"

It is time for all of us to "grow up" and be ready to assert constitutional rights

I am fighting back against the unlawful Council Tax system and its fake administrative courts. The details are for an article, but the feeling of being violated by the state is what I want to capture in this video. Now I understand why they are behaving in this manipulative and intimidating way: if people realised it was all unlawful theft and fraud, then there would be a rebellion, and epic accountability.

The purpose of this short video is to note the transition of “second adulthood”. The first was the “legislative adulthood” to contract in various ways. The second is when I reassert my fundamental and constitutional rights as a living man, and refuse to be abused any more via corrupt legal processes. It has taken an additional 30 years, but I am finally getting there.

A “fully adult living man” neither subjugated himself to those who abuse the law, nor fears to use the law in defence of himself. Our hijacked legal and political system has reduced us to chattel or children, and we have continued to consent to our appropriation of innate rights by monied interests. We only truly “grow up” (if ever) when we decide to asserts our individual and sovereign rights.

For the record, below is the draft of my fight-back email to the council.

Today is the end of my “legal childhood”, and the moment when I accept full responsibility and accountability for my sovereign rights and contractual obligations (or lack thereof, in this case).

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