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The revelation of the spirit of everything

Every choice we make leads us towards one of two ends: life or death

I am slowly learning a new language of spirituality, and the concepts involved. I wish I had known this many years ago, but I was not wise or experienced enough to take it onboard. For instance, we have archetypal spirits of Jezebel, Leviathan, Ahab, etc. — which describe patterns of dysfunction in people and the ways in which the sexes relate in particular. Nobody is a pure Jezebel in every single action they take, for example, but lots of women express that spirit in relation to men. We can define the spirit as the telos of the beliefs and behaviours we observe, while being distinct from the specific instance.

Covid has been both a nightmare and a blessing. Fifth-generation warfare is designed to disable our fighting forces and sterilise the population so that nations can be conquered with ease over time. Mind control nanotech is included to form “human 2.0” under the control of evil enemies waging psychotronic warfare on the public. Pervasive propaganda and AI bots shape the social and cultural collective consciousness in wicked ways. These are absolute horrors that lead to widespread death, disease, and disability. But at least when it is all exposed we can agree on its horrific and undesired nature. There is no way to spin these as acceptable or desirable, except to psychopaths.

We are now able to discern the spirit of the elements of our society in a way we previously could not. For instance, the sudden support for cycling by the state in the last 20 years wasn’t a benevolent interest in health and civility. It was part of a process of removal of personal freedoms of movement and the use of private cars. The suppression of smoking and alcohol use was because nicotine inhibited Covid and alcohol degrades graphene. Free access to social media and subsidised digital television were to support universal propaganda and social engineering. Suddenly, many political debates disappear, because we have clarity over the true spirit of each option: does it lead to renewal of life, or towards the descent to death?

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How come we suddenly need these everywhere? What is the spirit of this?

Future of Communications
Future of Communications
Martin Geddes