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The trio of trouble-free relationships

A little hint of how to stay sane in a world filled with insanity

Today’s video microsermon is on a little trio of ideas that help me to navigate through the minefield of stressed and distressed relationships brought on by a spiritually divided society. The three “legs” of the “stool” of trouble-free relationships are:

  • Unconditional love

  • Conditional support

  • Absolute detachment

When things are out-of-whack it’s a useful short checklist:

  • Do I want the best for everyone, or am I consumed by hate and resentment?

  • Am I holding my boundary, and ensuring there are appropriate consequences to keep others accountable for their actions?

  • Have I become entangled with someone in an unhealthy way, where my contentment and joy is predicated on them not acting out their personal madness?

I hope this brings a little clarity and peace to your world.

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A bus stop in the drizzle yesterday evening.

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