Three 2022 calendars on sale

"London", "Puddles", and "Abstracts"

I never expected to become an artist, let alone a professional one, and it’s still a bit of a shock. Two years ago I was being nagged by Twitter followers to let them buy prints of my photos, and I relented by producing a calendar. It sold so well that I decided to launch myself into doing fine art prints. It has also been good for me spiritually, given the gruesome times we live in.

This year I have created three calendars for sale. The revenue from these helps me to do all the content I offer for free — social media, articles, books, talks, uplifting pictures — as well as all the research effort, admin costs, and private correspondence load. They are also representative of some of my better photography work, and you can see more at

London 2022

This one is unashamedly populist and reflects some of my favourite haunts from when I was staying in Limehouse and going for my daily walks from there. The price is a bargain $17 for the standard version, and a stinging $45 for the large one.

Buy London 2022 calendar

Puddles 2022

I am fond of having fun with puddles and the creative potential they offer for really stand-out images. The cover for this calendar (at the top of the article) is one of my personal favourites and still hangs on the wall of my London studio.

This calendar is priced at $25 for the standard size, and $40 for the large.

Buy Puddles 2022 calendar

Abstracts 2022

This final one is unashamedly a niche offer.

These images are all from “playing with light” at night, often with low ISO setting and a long exposure as I move the camera around. I hope you like the effect. It is outsold by the London calendar about 50 to 1 so far, and I don’t care!

The price for this calendar is $20 standard, and $25 large.

Buy Abstracts 2022 calendar

I am also planning a “Freedom 2022” calendar with pictures from the UK protests, but that’s another four to five thousand images to curate down to a dozen. In the meantime, why don’t you take a look at my fine art prints and join my art mailing list? I only cross-promote my art business once a year, so now’s the time to join…

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The calendar and prints are all made in the USA and shipped straight from the printers — so sadly I cannot sign them, and don’t have a way to bypass the international shipping costs for those elsewhere.

PS — I feel it is worth saying that services like Substack are configured to monetise your content via a paywall, which I find unhelpful. It is lovely when people support me via PayPal and SubscribeStar, and much needed given the endless economic attacks via deplatforming. That said, I prefer the dignity of selling something tangible, so I can give away useful creative content, and earn a reasonable living from the enhanced packaging it comes it.