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What happens when Globalism reverses?

The collectivist ideology that has taken hold denies innate desires for family bonds

My curiosity has expanded from telecoms, media, and tech into wider societal concerns. Being a bit wayward has led me to having a rather more eclectic set of connections and experiences that might be typical for someone with my own background. On the way I have paid attention to how competing political beliefs relate to the social reality I observe on the ground. Speaking of which, I have just come home from a trip to London, which is demographically transforming into an Afro-Islamic city. It could be an inevitable by-product of empire, communications, and commerce. Or it may be a planned population displacement. Either way — it doesn’t really affect the fact that it has already happened.

When I look back at my earlier analysis of my professional sphere it lacks deeper insight into how the state works, where it gets its authority from, and who really is in power behind the scenes (and why). Now that the centralised nation (super)state has overreached with the Covid scam, causing widespread poverty and misery, ever more people are questioning the legitimacy of government, as well as its supporting pillars. Mass media, academia, the judiciary, NGOs, lawmakers, and intelligence agencies have all aligned to the pursuit of an increasingly unpopular Globalist agenda. Technocracy has warped humanity into standardised citizens, becoming commodified units of production in a heavily automated society.

There are great struggles that come from forced diversity, social engineering, and divide and conquer power games. At some point soon we are going to have to confront the nightmarish consequences of transhumanism, and the resulting collapse of credibility of the Globalist enabling institutions listed above. As power abhors a vacuum, the natural question to ask is what comes next. Decentralised finance and constitutional republics help, but the required foundation is deeper. My hope is that the power of family is about to make a resurgence — but as a “family of choice” built more around shared respect for individual sovereignty and the sacredness of the bond between parent and child.

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You can either live in fear or have a love for life. Evil promotes fear for control.
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Martin Geddes