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Which COG will win?

Restoring the rule of law requires having the most continuity of government

Today is the 21st anniversary of the September 11th 2001 attacks that shook the world. It took me another decade to figure out that it was all lies, and that shook my world. The “War on Terror” was actually a terrorist “War on the Constitution”. Five years later, the Q drops began, and I knew this was the “tip of the spear” of the fightback piercing into the public realm. The painful truth is coming, and it is needed if we are to confront reality, heal, and reform.

The ongoing battle is a shadow war between a criminal government and a constitutional government. The one with the best continuity of government (COG) wins, by definition, since its opponent is defeated when it cannot continue governing its assets. “The Bidan Show” is a puppet regime being used to draw in every idiot that wants to back the Deep State COG plan, and provide optical cover for the necessary “crash of everything” coming as we win. “COG wars” are here and real.

The nasty situation we face is that we have long been ruled by a blood sacrifice cult, tied to slave ownership. You can (in retrospect) see how that works as a filter for entry into “Psycho Club” and willingness to treat humans as chattel. The underlying history and causes that I am seeing offered is so absolutely bizarre and hard to believe that your whole sense of life and human society is challenged. Revealing this will take time; fixing it and founding a new society will take generations.

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