“some reluctant laundry” — Substituting the state for the sacred… “We collectively consented to have a three way with the taxman, and that’s gone very wrong.” 😦😂

“There is nothing normal at all in humans of infinite worth abandoning their individuality to gain the approval of a corporation or the state.”

“A covenant raises what can go right” — I love this intent ❤️ I appreciate your explanation of the monarchy business.

Don’t know how we’ll ever “patch” this code. Seems like we need a whole new OS —based on the 10 Commandments and the US Constitution?

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So wonderfully put. Agreed wholeheartedly. This is our spiritual awakening and it is so beautiful. I do not choose to live in a slave contract society. Enough is enough. Let's get on with building our own heaven on earth. We not Me. ♥️

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Civil marriage has nothing to do with love. If it did there would be no need for family courts.

BTW, good insights Martin & I agree.

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Good analysis as always Martin. Everything we've come to accept as "normal" is built on the "Commercial Warfare" model. We've been indoctrinated into this being 100% "NORMAL" and yet, 100% NOT NATURAL.

Maybe you could explore the normal vs the natural. I'd bet you'll have some interesting insights.

Here's a suggestion: Human "BEINGS" versus Human "DOINGS".

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Brilliant! A friend sent a link to this essay; half-way through I was like, "who the heck wrote this, it's brilliant"! I have been plumbing various rabbit-holes in the Natural Law space since looking down the double, triple, quadruple. . . injection barrel to keep my clinic doors open. . .

There are many sincere, heart-centered wo/man out there illuminating that space. Since i caught wind of you entering the space i keep wondering if you have encountered this body of work:


It is a 10 module, 12 week course on Natural Law entitled, "The Law for Mankind Knowledge Share" (LFMKS); while everything I have encountered in the Natural Law space has merit and benefit (potentially) this body of work is exceptional in MY mind, as it really supported me to inhabit my heart and internal sovereign space in a tangible, grounding, hugely supportive way. Those of wo/mankind desperately need to remember and awaken internally that to which you are pointing! $.02

***full disclosure*** The link to the LFMKS i included above is an affiliate link; should you or anyone else choose to follow it, and subscribe to the course I would be compensated. If you really knew me you would know that I am open to compensation, AND i would share it sincerely from my heart without it! Thanks for your work!!!

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Absolutely brilliant!!! as always. Thank you.

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