Martin, you are “as usual” penning how so many of us feel. I do believe that we are all carrying this and coping the best we can (hopefully in a healthy way). Since I hear the voice of God and I can see in the spirit, I have had many suicidal young people to deal with. I am not a professional (lifetime school teacher), but I am a person youth seem to find comfort in. I would say what they are looking for is God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ. There’s a void that only our Triune God can fill. If we believe we were created (for me and I am one of the only people I know currently who resides in peace) our only true peace comes from a relationship with Him. The Bible has been manipulated but still carries such power and truth. I don’t go to church, but I pray and minister in the spirit; it’s the only help and protection I can find.

We are all struggling to find truth from lie. For me, my entire existence was a lie- NOT FUN. But what I know for sure is God. I have had face-to- face encounters with demons, so that does help one to know this spiritual battle is epic and very real. I believe we are all struggling “so greatly”because we fight battles from every angle. The answer God gave me was “STOP”. Stop fighting, not in the sense of the actual fight, but stop worrying. So now I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over area of my life and I do my absolute best. I help others, I eat clean, I am involved in my community and “sadly” politics (but we have to start locally). I spend time with only high vibration humans, unless I am battling for someone. And I rest a lot, I pray incessantly, and I refuse to not find joy.

I say all of this because you are always such a light to others. Your words are poetic and your thoughts are powerful. You are making a huge difference. Keep at it and someday, maybe even sooner than we know, the world will begin to lighten and brighten. Until then, keep at the whole Bible, spiritual, demonic thing… that is where this battle is being waged. It’s hard for those not spiritual but that does not change the reality of it. Love and blessings to you!

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Drop into your heart-space and breathe in gratitude. This fixes everything. The monkey-mind (satan) is what's driving the torment, as is always the case.

Sin is "missing the mark". The "Mark" is your heart -> Presence. Easy is as easy does. There's nothing complicated about it.

May you find peace and ease soon my friend. Thanks for checking in. Was starting to wonder where you had gone...

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Reading the journey of your soul is painful, Martin. If it was difficult to read, it must have been hell for you to write! But, how much comfort you can take in the knowledge that, in the end, you get to where you are meant to be. Of course, the journey is far from over, but there is calm and serenity in finding this safe oasis of righteousness and enlightenment. Our souls yearn to be at peace with our Divine Creator. Never before have we been tossed so violently into the soup of immorality and corruption, almost to the point of no return. The upside is that, after three long years of struggle, we have become an immovable wall of defiance and non-compliance. The words "Never Again" come to mind, but this time, we mean it.

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It is good to read your words again Martin; I was getting worried. You helped to reassure me immensely at the start of this nightmare and I only wish that I could reassure you now but as usual, I think that you are on the right path already.

We have been told so many lies and they still keep pouring out from all directions, including from the apparently 'good guys' with their military disinformation. It is so difficult to find a proper grounding, especially when we are surrounded by psychopaths intent on murdering children and our brainwashed friends and family who seem to see nothing amiss.

So in all, I think that us 'awake people' or probably more accurately us 'partially awake people' are all suffering in the same way right now trying to find our bearings somehow, although I appreciate that your autism must make this doubly difficult for you. You sometimes see too much for your own good.

So where to go and what to do? I would not presume to advise you but here are my intentions at present. People keep telling me to 'go within' but apart from meditation (which has thus far not done a lot for me - should I try harder?), I'm not sure what this really means. So for now I am falling back on my intuition as a small child that led me to believe the road map set out by Christ (whoever he was) and to follow his lead. That doesn't mean I accept that everything in the Bible is correct and is 'set in stone' (as some friends of mine do) but Christ's words still ring true to me and conveniently, they match with the tenets of Common Law: love and respect yourself, love others as you love yourself, do no harm, tell no lies, keep your word, help others where you can and don't be afraid of anything in this life because one is immortal and there's an awful lot more to come afterwards.

I've always tried to follow the straight and narrow path; be kind to other people and animals and help where I can but I realise now that I did not have the faith to follow that last 'no fear' instruction. That is what I am learning now and I must say, I am feeling very smug and relaxed at having finally got the concept into my thick head. I now do what my heart felt intuition tells me is right and stuff the consequences. I have always listened to my intuition but I haven't always had the courage to follow its instructions. I think that being older and nearer to my inevitable death now helps me! :-)

The matrix power mongers can now get stuffed so far as I am concerned and I shall not buckle to their demands, even if that means I have to eat grass or get locked up or worse. Will I still pay taxes, the mortgage, etc.? Yes for the time being for the sake of my comatose wife and the turmoil that non-payment would bring to her but not for too much longer. As you have said, paying taxes just supports a corrupt and evil system but I think that after coughing up for so many years it is not unreasonable for me to ease my way out of the matrix rather than ripping off the healing plaster in one painful go.

Nope, we all have to turn round a massive ship of state from its current course towards yet more darkness to a new compass bearing towards the light. This will not happen overnight but it will happen and I see it happening already. So, my solution is to stick with my main principles and then push firmly but steadily on the ship of state's tiller to turn her round over a period of time, whilst at the same time resisting with all of my might the efforts of others to keep on the current course. What does this mean in practice for me? I think cutting as many ties with the matrix as I can (cancel the newspaper, use cash and local suppliers as much as possible, support the small guys like myself) and then picking one fight at a time to cut off the remaining strands of the matrix web. Perhaps I shall take on the police who are not doing their job at present or maybe the local Councillors who want to set me up in an open prison being zapped by 5G or possibly the hypocrites at my local church, plus letting the politicians know that I know what they are about and how dark their souls are. Perhaps I shall be obliged to take on the bankers with their digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currency; time will tell.

So, do what I have to do to survive and maintain my home life as best I can, whilst fighting back on selected issues rather than a broad front. If we all do that then others will follow as they eventually wake up and the ship will turn. And if many friends and family members choose to continue to ignore my pleas and succeed in killing themselves with poison in the meantime then so be it; that's the price of their free will - a hard truth but one I now accept.

That's my 'solution'. I know it's not very imaginative but it gives me peace and I think it will work. I shall be interested to read in due course of the approach that you decide to commit to. I suspect it may be more aggressive and braver but whatever it is, please don't forget that you have many friends here who will be delighted to help you in any way they can if you get in the brown stuff.

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Martin, I love reading or listening to what you have to say, you are like a very articulate brother. Funny enough for the last 4 weeks I have taken a backseat from what's going on, different situations from yourself but very similar reasons. What I find fascinating is how you seem to mirror what is going on with so many of us.

One of the very few individuals I listen too, because like yourself she speaks about things that really resonate with me, asked the question how can you overcome this matrix system that is 90% controlled by evil, answer you cannot, the only way out is through your heart/discernment connecting to the Christ Consciousness. I try hard just to do that these days, which interestingly guides me to where I need to be.

Most who follow you are on the journey to be free, you have a warriors heart but I don't think you need to be a warrior and go to war. I believe narrating your journey warts and all, giving insights which in turn educates is enough.

In my humble opinion external referencing, dealing with the bad actors is very debilitating especially if you are internally referenced.

Lastly know you are loved, that is why so many of us follow you, whenever you are down, close your eyes, open your heart and feel it.

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I recently attended a gathering in Vermont, USA that featured a couple of experts re: data analysis, fraud detection, etc. It was stated autists are brilliant at this kind of thing. You are doing what you are good at. I'm a pro musician; songwriter, vocalist, pianist, etc. I detect patterning in music quite well. We all have our strengths...no diagnosis needed.

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Good to know you are relatively okay Martin! Thought maybe the “authorities” had locked you up or something! Thank you once again for putting into words what we are ALL feeling. Please know you are never alone in this struggle and you are loved! 💙

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From the fight to the Light.

I woke this morning to Psalm 5 - it speaks directly to my heart, as The Word by the Spirit does.

"Lead me, O Lord, in Your righteousness because of my enemies. Make Your way straight before my face." v. 8

Then Psalm 111:10: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

God hears us. He is always waiting for us.

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“To navigate the complexity of friends and families who are brainwashed and act against their own interests and reject those who try to return them to sanity.”

So much of what you have said, is a reflection of exactly what I am going through on the other side of this flat earth. I guess misery loves company, because it is comforting to know we are all going through the same thing and we really truly are not alone.

Thank you Martin God Bless and keep you strong ❤️

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Dearest Martin, I'm so sorry for all that you're enduring and send love and compassion to you.

I have so many thoughts I could impart, but I'm sure you've heard them all before, so I'll limit them to a few.

I think those of us that are awake are suffering for a greater purpose and will be called upon to serve in some capacity in the future. Until then, I believe we must become our best selves. We must learn to forgive and be kind to ourselves. We must learn to walk away from people and situations that that bring negativity. We must embrace walking this path on our own with God in our heart.

Your strength and honesty bring me and many great comfort. Please know and remind yourself that God made you, that you're a work in progress, and that you're amazing.

Blessings always

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Martin, I’ve missed your daily writings of refreshment, humor, and sharpening for my soul as well as the vocabulary-building exercise each reading provides me. I’m praying for you brother” that God would give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him...” (Ephesians 1:3-23)

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Martin: thanks for your words of "presence" today. As trite as this may seem, the Beatles aptly fit how I am feeling about your post today. Somehow their vast amount of lyrics are resonating even more today with lines like "and in the end the love we take is equal to the love we make" and "get back". From one artist/writer to another - keep up the up! There is no down when you are up. Cheers

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Martin, what a timely message you have written. I relate to much of what you write! You have such a beautiful gift. It seems though that sharing this gift, giving away parts of your personal and private self to others comes at a great cost to you. (I'm certain I'm understimating this fact!

As I listen to your interviews, read your articles, I've realized you have had to "go there." First, taking a look inside yourself, to discover what is truly there, what you really think and believe, come to terms with failures, mistakes, shortcomings, faults, and what you thought you knew. Second, be willing to leave your comfort zone, enter into the public realm, leave your anonymity behind and share what you have learned. It seems your entire life and career have undergone a tremendous upheaval. You haven't had much choice in the matter, either. Having to face the harsh reality of this heartless, cruel, evil world "they" created makes it impossible not to engage, not to change. Those of us who "know" are no longer who we used to be. Remaining silent and passive are no longer options. Eventually, no one will remain on the sidelines. Comfortably numb, status quo, totally oblivious will no longer be offers on the table. Sooner or later each of us will be called to choose a side, we'll be asked to leave the comforts we knew and asked take a stand.

I've spent endless hours researching, coming to terms with what "they" have been up to in this world. I've struggled to learn to forgive myself for not knowing any better and feeling so stupid for not having seen it sooner.

In the end, this is a spiritual battle, our eternal lives are at stake. We need to encourage and support one another, share God, know in our hearts what his word says. It's the only truth I've found that brings any peace or comfort. I'm thankful for those like you Martin who are the pathmakers. Thank you for sharing your journey. None of it has been in vain. You are a blessing.

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A masterful expression of the human condition. Your honesty is beautiful and encouraging. I am supporting you because of your integrity and your heart-desire for truth and meaning and life, both for yourself, and for real folks.

I'm not your counselor, and have no interest in pontificating. I'm thinking along with you. The many and complex elements of our nature and human condition are vital matters to me, also.

That there are no answers for man, by man, is abysmally plain. You aptly described our vain and ignorant efforts to attain peace and satisfaction that sticks, while grabbing for the gusto, all at once.

While 'original sin' is not how you'd explain things, human nature has changed because human beings rejected and disconnected from the original state of their birth. A behavior and life lived contrary to our nature is exactly sin.

I so appreciate your willingness to frankly share your spiritual past and current pursuit. You're pretty uncompromising in your perceptions and questions.

It occurs to me as I see many people (not you) expressing a spirituality that is wide open and calls simply for a belief in an all-good god ready to welcome everyone with good intentions.

How silly would be the name, 'All-Wise Father', for the Uncreated God to wring out His own heart in sending Jesus to die for every person, if a mere affirmative agreement to 'believe we are all one in His mercy', was sufficient?

Every and all help of returning to our original state of union in God; philosophies, religions, astrologies, cults, rituals and secret knowledge, however intriguing and mysterious, are futile efforts of man to attain a higher state.

A creature fallen into a lower state of life loses its power to reclaim what he forfeited.

Why Jesus?

Because it's all about nature.

The breach sin caused is by nature impossible to repair.

If we don't get this, we never get God.

The human race became dead to God.

The sole, eternally appointed propitiation for sin is Jesus Christ.

It had to be God's solution.

The solution had to be a Son of Man - of like nature, who stood as the sinless representative of the race.

A true man, righteous in the original God-like state, to take to Himself the entirety of the sin nature, that severed mankind from the righteous image and likeness of God. Who willingly surrendered His life - spilling His life blood - for the sin of every person.

No person ever entered the earth with the claims of Jesus.

"I am the beginning and the end." "I Am the way the truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." "If you believe in Me, you will never die." Who could say such things?!

None of what Jesus said was to exclude men from the Heaven He brought, yet nothing He said would be relevant to them apart from God's life opened into them by a new birth.

Jesus, did countless miracles, healing, casting out demons, stopping storms at sea, raising dead people to life. He displayed dominion over this natural realm in every way. Does this not distinguish Him from all others? Does it not, at least, verify His claims as Savior of the World and Lord of all Lords?

Jesus never called men and women to reformation or reconstruction. It was, and is, impossible!

He called them to be born again into a whole new creation. To throw off the old (dead) man, and enter an entirely new, eternal reality. Right Now!

Until this experience is entered by intentional faith, the Bible, its teachings and principles, has no more effect on people than any other 'rules to live by.' Everything Jesus said and did is fitted for and applicable to the New Nature - the man or woman made entirely new by a birth of the Spirit of Life in Christ.

None of this is a matter of having the right creed or medicine, or self-help principles. Though men apply these diligently, they are futile in spite of the temporary appearance of change and stability.

That right there, IS the lie. That IS the prison of men. The astoundingly absurd notion that he may, by his own devises, transform himself. Though he put on a skin-diving suit, fins and air tanks to explore the ocean depths, at last he must resurface and see that he has no scales; that he is no more a fish now, than ever he was before.

Thank you for letting us in on your relentless yearning toward full life and meaning. I really believe you want that for everyone. I'm glad you've been vulnerable enough to share your journey. It really helps expand my understanding and gives me language to better articulate my convictions about what I've known, and what I'm still learning.

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Wow ..... several sentences in this post spoke directly to my soul .... you are not alone in those thoughts!!

Have you taken the time to watch "The Chosen"? I find it to be beautifully done and a great comfort to my being .... as well as helping me to understand who Christ was and also who the people were that he chose to surround himself with.

The Chosen is in Season 3 right now .... but you can stream Seasons One & Two and also see the first 6 episodes of Season 3 at this website .... https://www.angel.com/watch/the-chosen

Given your last sentence in this post ... I believe you will greatly enjoy this crowdfunded series ....

My husband and I are watching it all for a 2nd time and it is even more enlightening and enriching than before .... Highly recommend ...

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