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A slow recovery from spiritual abuse

We have been violently harmed by hidden forces and each of us has a healing journey

It is a tragedy of our time to watch those who are being abused in mind, body, and spirit laud their abusers as trustworthy heroes. The foundational form of societal abuse is that of the spirit, since it allows the wicked to inject their own malicious ends into your spirit, and then your life force turns towards their evil goals. Everyone knows it is wrong to beat or rape a child’s body, but it is normal to tell children to submit to spiritual indoctrination that strips them of their dignity. Doctors, policemen, teachers, priests, lawyers, judges, accountants, politicians… there is a huge list of people whose good intentions and honour have been hijacked and subverted this way.

In this video I talk a little about my own experience of spiritual abuse when growing up. What I forgot to mention was that when my mother chose to unilaterally override her agreement with my father on how their children would be spiritually directed, that upset the fundamental male/female balance of the relationship. I sense that I lost respect for my father since he no longer headed the family, as my uncle had usurped that role. My mother’s domineering crusade in the name of her cult continues to this day, with a refusal to be held to account to righteous standards. These forces have shaped my life in ways I am still uncovering, including sexuality and intimate relationships.

We all have these stories of cruelty and abuse at some point in our lives, and many are far worse than mine. The take away is that to heal we need to learn three things: to name the nature of the wound, to accept the scars as part of us, and then to move on and up. I used to work in the tech industry, and was completely absorbed into the paradigm of “all mind and body, and no spirit”. Somehow more technology was going to fill the spiritual gap and ease the spiritual pain I felt, and of course it never does, as it simply cannot. To escape the technofascist transhumanist slave matrix we have to progress (and heal) spiritually, and it isn’t easy or quick.

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I really need to find a way to make some income from my art again, ho hum.

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