Buckinghamshire councils court costs were ruled by the court not to be an applicable after evidence of significant fraud was shown to the court. This did not prevent them from using the same costs budget time and time again after the court had ruled against them, this showed that the court and the council knowingly and willingly sought to ignore their own wrongdoing and a legal ruling and carry on regardless milking the vulnerable of society in order to pay their pensions. This would seem to suggest that these creatures are beyond redemption, however a day of reckoning is round the corner...

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👍🤝thank you Martin:

Aron Walton outdoors" utube channel recently did an hour long video "I WON"

Well worth a watch, he had multiple charges against him and all were dropped but the thing that becomes clear is the shear level of deception and trickery they will use to ensnare folk.

They truly are creatures of darkness and it is the light they fear, which makes me think of the lightsabre in star wars ,perhaps a useful addition in any potential hearings for administrative breaches.

Our new unitary and bankrupt council has a meeting planned Wednesday (lightsabres for all that attend) to discuss what services we would like removed 🤣, I'm sure there will be no mention of the government response to C19 and the cost to local councils and all that went with it.

The council amalgamated with another that was known to have serious financial issues but they went ahead anyway and now we need to bare the cost in reduced services and no doubt a large hike in CT.

As with the post office and C19 officials they will get there bonus and knighthoods whilst we get a reduction in healthcare and living standards.

Oh and don't forget the billions getting shipped out to good causes like Israel and UKraine and dropping bombs on countries like Yemen.

It would seem all these things are a good cause as no one questions the cost but keeping public toilets (one example) open in Somerset is now doubtful.

Then there is the 10 year deal that Richie Twatnack signed with Zelenski (the document is on the presidential website) , so we can benefit from the contracts on rebuilding the country that we helped to destroy and turn UKraine into a permanent vasal state of the city of London banking cartel 🥳

BoJo in 2022 (covered in depth on German🤔 media) was instrumental in stopping a peace agreement being signed.

Its not easy to like our political class.

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