Im so sorry.. I need to interrupt the subject matter of this article to ask a question about a pretty significant thing allegedly happening in England.

There’s an X account called The White Rabbit Podcast that I saw currently saying ALL public surveillance cameras have been destroyed by the public and no fines (like, 50k) are being paid and authorities don’t have resources to deal with this due to police defund (see link).

Could this be true ??

If so, bravo! 👏


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You lost me at RNW

You are quite a genius at these things, but the problem is you as soon the everybody else’s mind can grasp things that are second nature to you so you need to be dumbing it down a bit more

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Dear Martin:.

I love your insight and clarity.

I must have missed it, but I would love to know your thoughts on both Bitcoin and blockchain.

I would also like to read your original thoughts, and any revisions to which you might have arrived.

Thank you and God bless.

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