It’s such a horrible feeling to be censored or shut down in any way. We have to have it happen to us personally to understand what a feeling of helplessness it is for someone to violate our rights. When Elon took over Twitter, I never trusted him, but I’ve seen some great things come out that never would have been allowed before. I was booted off of Twitter in 2016 and never returned. I’ve been censored on so many sites I’ve lost count. I remember thinking after Elon purchased Twitter, wow, these self-righteous monsters are finally getting their comeuppance. I was elated, and then I heard Elon had a meeting at the White House, and shortly thereafter, he hired a creature who used to work for the WEF from what I understand. What, did he sell us out for the almighty dollar? Are We, The People, subsidizing another billionaire for nothing in return? The only people who benefit from our subsidizing them are the political mafia on The Hill. I don’t know what to think anymore. I just know it’s not over until it’s over, and we will once again have that feeling of elation when the light overrides the darkness and these monsters are made to pay for their dirty deeds. I have no patience for the righteous Left anymore. I’ve lost all tolerance for the intolerant. There will be no place for them in my future. They’re not my people.

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Mine too — perhaps as a Public Utility?

“My sense is that X/Twitter is gearing up to be a major disclosure platform, as well a a “continuity of civic life” service in harsh times.”

Since Jan 2021, I’m still on perm suspension from (X)Twitter. Still, thinking we may be back with our fellow Patriots someday — timing is everything 😉



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