Keep up the good fight, Martin. Perhaps you all can partner with the newly-formed O'Keefe Media Group to really begin starting brush fires of exposure against the entire corrupt system.

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Brilliant, as always. We will continue to carry on, using their corruption against them and always attempting to hold people personally liable and accountable to get their attention. Your photo is stunning and beautiful as well.

Thank you!

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You never fail to broaden my thinking .. much gratitude 🙏

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“The successful way of fighting back is paradoxical. You have to become more of a stickler for administrative rules and the tiny minutiae of bureaucracy than they already are. It is tedious, it is troublesome, and it is tiring. But it does deliver results. Truth and justice are processes, not events, attributes, or objects.

Administrative criminals commit crimes through simply… administering. So we expose their crimes by becoming more like them, not less; we expose them first by engaging in their administrative horror show. It is the prerequisite of holding them to account, prosecuting them, and beginning deeper reform.”

This is a genius plan, and one I am following on a parallel path.

To get head of the curve, when you complain to the council they get a 2nd teir complaint which is supposed to be independent.

What happens here is that any crimes you accuse the council of get “apologised for” and that wipes the slate clean as far as they are concerned and they advise you to go to the Local Government Ombudsman which will be your next theatre of war. If any of my other visits to so-called “regulators” is to be believed they are also corrupt.

I.e. I reported Santander to the FCA for money laundering and I could prove my case but the regulator for the FCA “the office of the complaints commissioner” ruled that my complaint was out of time ( because at the time I was being led a merry dance by the FCA who were in actuality just running out the clock ).

It then transpired that the FCA then fined Santander a record £108M for this very self same crime of lax and non existent money laundering ( albeit within the “business sphere” ) you couldn’t make this shit up 🤯

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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair (1878 - 1968).

Those of us who have been unfortunate to be in salaried positions will understand this. Even the self-employed suffer from a money-induced blindness. It's how they keep us enslaved.

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