Your writing is eloquent and insightful as always, but I have a different understanding of"humanity" at this juncture, one I couldn't even have imagined holding several years ago. I have come to the belief that what appears to be one species(humans) is actually many different species hybridized. The lack of spiritual evolution in many of these beings, which I now refer to as "bipedals" is so wanting they will need many more karmic cycles to become worthy of my concern. At this point, when their wrongdoings outweigh their rightdoings, that is when I exit. I used to work in prisons as a " jail doc" and many of these individuals are very empathic beings who have a lifetime of abuse to get them where they are. However, the ones I didn't empathize with were the perps who had shifted from victim to perpetrator. That is where I take my emotional leave and allow the universe(God) sort out the credit and debits columns.

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"Somewhere in the universe there is a counter of contradictions, and it ticks over fast for this crowd"

"It is wrong to discriminate, yet essential to discern" - belongs on the fridge, or needlepoint =:-)

We have free speech not only so we can hear the good ideas that challenge us, but also so we can more easily recognise fools, narcissists, criminals, psychopaths, traitors, lunatics, subversives, infiltrators, maniacs, morons, and cults.

Martiin Geddes, genius, truthteller, genuine journalist - n;ow I can screenshot and keep these notes. Faves. Much love ❤️

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