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Local Action = National Impact - Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

Get Involved. Take Action. Never Quit.

Run for a political office in your local community.

Volunteer for a local committee in your community like the recreation department, library committee, zoning committee, economic development committee, whatever it is, get involved.

Study the candidates running for office in your community or state assembly, and get involved in their campaign.

Stay informed about issues in your community and when you believe they are going in the wrong direction, speak up. Do the same at the state level.

Attend a public hearing on an issue you are interested in, stand up and voice your opinion.

Pick up the phone when you disagree with a pending vote by your state or county politicians and voice your opinion. Do the same on national issues.

Organize a neighborhood voter registration day.

Volunteer as a poll worker on election day.

Check your voter registration record.

Demand your community’s voter rolls are up-to-date. Find out how you can help to get the job done.

VOTE – Encourage your family, friends, neighbors

Write a commentary for your local newspaper – a letter to the editor – start the conversation!

Commit to one or two hours per week or more – find your stretch point and meet it. Don’t stop.

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At this point in time in America, the lies and deceit continue on a daily basis from he top down. For someone on the outside to see what’s happening for the first time, they would be in shock. We have a President who doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground, thugs on The Hill who some refer to as the walking dead, who are unfit to even be in public office, and someone like Fetterman, who we’re not even sure is the same person who was installed at the beginning. We no longer have a rule of law or abide by our Constitution, and we’re watching our country be destroyed daily, and the swamp creatures who pledged an oath to protect us and our country are doing nothing but performing theater for those sheeple who have no idea about anything, yet alone that their children our in danger, or don’t care. I seriously wonder at this point. I don’t see many standing up for much anything that harms them. For instance, illegal invaders’ kids are not mandated to get the required vaccines our kids are mandated to get, but they are able to attend our schools. Why is that? Also, who knows what diseases they’re carrying. So many of our political mafia are corrupt, bought and paid for, they have no choice but to continue on with their treasonous behavior. Some whose crimes aren’t as egregious may get a pass; otherwise, there would be only a few left, and I don’t agree or understand why it should matter. We’ll see. I do know when we take our country back, I don’t want to hear a word from the minority in this country who have done so much to harm us. Like I’ve said before, we’ve lost all tolerance for the intolerant. They have failed miserably, and now it’s our turn, time to get tough, time to take care of Americans and America. And, as far as the rule of law is concerned, for the jurists who have betrayed our country, I remember awhile back that POTUS45 asked Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch to investigate the corrupt jurists in our country, and he only said it once, but I know Fitton’s keeping a list and checking it twice, and one day they’ll get their comeuppance.

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The story of Palnackie is mirrored in almost every Parish Council meeting held in the UK. So many are under the false understanding that the Parish Council is there to represent the people of the village. It is not! It is devolved central government ensuring local compliance. Funny handshakes abound everywhere! Well done, Martin, not only on an excellent commentary but on shining a light on the gist of the problem which is a spiritual and moral one. The Law applies to everyone; it is Universal, Natural and Common. It is what matters. Until we return to it, live by it, embody it and embrace it, there will be no peace, no harmony, whether we live in Palnackie or Lands End. Humanity is teetering on the edge of the precipice, looking down into the abyss. It is no longer a matter of courage, it is one of survival. Anyone with half a brain can see it. So, let's all make a conscious decision today. Right now. If it isn't right, DO NOT COMPLY. Say it out loud and don't mind if your friends and family think that you have lost your mind. You haven't. You have gained your soul and you will be so happy to have done so.

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Local, Baby, Local!!! That's right!! That's how this all got "out of hand", nobody paid attention to the Local Politics, so the Lefties got to control EVERYTHING!! ;-)

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So now all you have to do is show up. Amazing. A man from within “enemy” halls..for such a time as this.

But to whom much is given (“Roman” born, elite educated) much is required (your life).

May God keep all of you in all good conscience. May you be protected from evil assignments coming against you, and marked for YHWH Gods purposes always.

..Continued prayers of support 🙏💛

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