In pursuit of the ideal or ideology?

Spiritual growth comes from ever closer identification with the whole

The absolutely last thing I expected was to be posting videos on spiritual matters in public. I am a computer scientist turned dissident writer and fun photographer! Just the spiritual is what connects it all — the pursuit of an ideal, be it simplicity, truth, or beauty. Things have gotten “so bad” that I even was persuaded to watch some “Jesus pr0n” this last week by a friend who saw a sermon relevant to my musings.

The process of growing spiritual discernment is different from that of how you comport you body or mind. We can idolise the body and buff ourselves up in the gym; we can venerate the mind, and get credentials and accolades for our thoughts. It requires nourishment of a different nature to grow spiritually, becoming aware of the final ends to which these body and mind activities are driven.

There is a faltering learning journey to discover what it means to be spiritual, and it isn’t quite what I expected. Many who claim to be spiritual are doing the opposite, constructing conceptual prisons for their mind and body that divide them from All That There Is. The failings of those who fell for the Covid scam and poison injection have revealed so much; their loss and suffering is a paradoxical gift of spiritual awareness to the rest of us.

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