Dear Martin, you are bang on again and your timing prior to the coronation is impeccable. I am also engaging on a parallel line of enquiry myself so it is very heartening to see someone else on the same page. Also raising well reasoned and well executed concerns to those that purport to have power over us.

I would also say that you may have neglected to mention the balancing power of the judiciary within the constitutional structure, which has theoretically a similar role to the balancing power of the peoples jury, however, their independence is regularly called into question within lower courts, such as magistrates where their actions would seem to be in accordance with unlawful government, edicts to pillage the people via administrative courts.

The most important takeaway I have from all of this to anyone reading is to understand the theory and application of jury nullification, which is the time-honoured mechanism, whereby the jury not only judge guilt of the defendant, but also judge whether the law being applied upon them is “just” in the circumstances.

I would direct anyone who is interested in this subject to watch the excellent short video on YouTube between Neil, Oliver, and Will Keyte.


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I can see that you are getting quite cozy with the splendid William Keyte, Martin. I love that man! You have delivered an excellent challenge to the powers that be and I await the response with great interest. I have been brushing up on Common Law/Sovereignty etc for a while now, listening to the likes of William Keyte, Mark Passio, David Straight and Brent Allan Winters. We all need to become educated on what it means to be sovereign; only then will we have the confidence to stand toe to toe and hold the Government to account. SLAVES NO MORE!

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The fundamental flaw in all of it is our misuse and misunderstand of the word "law".

Laws are permanent and unchanging. Ala, universal law, or natural law, or God's law.

Everything else is nothing but "policy", specifically "corporate policy". Statues, acts, codes, decrees, mandates, ordinances, executive orders, etc. are all policies.

When we begin to take back our power and proper use of words, the whole system of deception will collapse. We have been deceived with words, semantics, interpretations, multi-definition words, etc.

Each individual is the sovereign of his/her own property/body. As soon as an individual tries to gain sovereignty over another individual, they break universal law and are immediately placed on the negative/dark path - which is another universal LAW.

The results of these immutable universal LAWS are plain as day for those with eyes to see. Seeking power over others turns one toward the dark side.

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Spot on ! Perfect !

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Parliament the supreme legal authority in the UK, which can create or end any law . . . no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change.

This seems oxymoronic and would be if Parliament really was the "supreme legal authority."

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Mar 3, 2023·edited Mar 3, 2023

Indeed statutes are NOT law, merely rules and regs. The Law applies equally to everyone without exception. 'A statute is a rule given the force of law by the consent of the governed'. The Blacks law dictionary definition says it all- a statute is a RULE, given the FORCE of law by the CONSENT of the governed. (that's us) But it isn't law- merely a rule enforced that we unwittingly consent to. We can withdraw that consent.

Also check out; https://www.commonlawconstitution.org/

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