It's not (just) the end of the Queen

What is being buried is the whole system of trafficking humans under the colour of law


I have driven down to London to attend a protest demo today, as well as capture the upcoming fun on Monday with the formal demise of Her Royal Treasonness. I have no strong opinions on whether monarchy is good or bad, because the problem of traitors doesn’t really vary with how they got their power, only how they use it. My intention is to capture the people and their reaction to events, as the staged soap opera of the dying Paedo State is fake.

I tried recording the video once and ended up a spluttering mess, cursing the medium. I am having to make peace with the process of putting myself on camera. I see so many people do tediously long podcast videos with little to say. They feel like they have committed to doing them often, and that value is proportional to length and production quality. My attitude is that “I am who I am” and just turn up that way; only record something if I have something to say and it also relates to my personal lived experience.

Innumerable people will have worked for lifetimes to get us to this point when we can finally see victory. It is a time of such mixed emotion: anger, trepidation, joy, grief, relief… I supposed I ought to be grateful for their sacrifices. Right now I am a bit tired and worn down having been ill for a week and still getting my strength back. Being in London is quite emotional, since it links the personal (I was born and raised here) to the geopolitical (the entire old older is going down here).