I'm so glad that you mention the gene therapies as this has been something that has crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

Our taxes are being used to actively harm us whilst pretending it is for the public good.

The debates in the house of commons on vaccine harms have been held with almost no MPs so that tells us they don't care.

Only time we have any relevance is when they want us to vote for them to give there fake democracy some much needed legitmacy.

The war in UKraine is largely a construction of the west (as are all colour revolutions, Soros) and Boris Johnston was instrumental in stopping peace negotiations in 2022.

We have been turned into nothing more than live and dead stock , we are animals on the farm and once you realise that how can you not challenge it.

Everything for me changed with the C19 event, we need to push back and be active in shaping the future world for ourselves and the next generation.

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Blessings Martin - thank you!

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This is where you went wrong: “I am attending to request an adjournment, for due process in accordance with the European Convention of Human Rights, as well as to ascertain if the costs being demanded are lawful. [I was told “no” up front.]”

They brought the case under CTA&E 1992 sec 34 (7) you rebuttal should have stuck to how the case was brought and why their case was not in accordance with the “reasonableness” that is required in law. ECHR is not directly relevant whereas adherence to the law that the case is brought under is. JCS & MOJ advice specifically allows you to challenge the costs but you failed to mention their own rules and missed an open goal by failing to quote them. It was all there for you but you fell into the strawman OPCA trap they laid for you. Hopefully everyone else can see that this approach doesn’t win and you need to use their own laws against them. It can be done and it was done in High Wycombe on 5th July 2023 case number 2300203962 so it does work and anyone can do it.

Use Nicolson and Ewing caselaw to win. There people gained valuable judgments so that we have the right to challenge unjust laws. This is the Trojan horse that will turn the tables and give the opportunity to argue any other human rights issue.

Know it, use it, quote it.

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Thank you Martin👍 was thinking earlier that this is quite a complex subject and wether flow charts with drop down boxes could be used as a simple means to give information.

A home owners situation will be different from a renter's etc etc.

One of the problems is that there are many trolls and misinformation spreaders out there so trying to navigate through this can be a real challenge.

Your approach is the best I have seen and that's why I subscribe.

Perhaps a members support group could be set up to move things forward?👍🤝

I highly recommend "entropy,energy & the 4th frontier" Chris Martenson & Bret Weinstein in conversation "dark horse podcasts" utube

It's 3 hours and an excellent listen.

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Perhaps, another path:

Can council tax be withheld for matters of conscience🤔

Safe and effective was a marketing slogan nothing more.

All the lockdowns along with all the other measures were likely unlawful.

The product used was not the product in the trials (industrial upscaling)

They lied about what the product is, (injectable gene technology maybe) they lied about everything whilst they had lockdown parties🥳

And on it goes💉💉💉💉🚀

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