Martin, I bought you a coffee but thought it really should have been a soup and then an old, well older than you, song from the North East came to mind.

Winter Song, Lindisfarne 1970

"The creeping cold has fingers

That caress without permission

And mystic crystal snowdrops

Only aggravate the condition

Do you spare one thought for the gypsy

With no secure position

Who's turned and spurned by village and town

At the magistrate's decision

When winter comes howling in"

Only if you're interested:- https://youtu.be/PsHvFOAGJ8k

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I love the fact you went on the offensive - been waiting for that move. It was necessary. Excellent work overall.

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Keep us posted. Best of luck!

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Excellent strategy to use their persistent badgering as a weakness and go on the offensive. 👍🏻

Wonder if they will defend or ignore ?

Were the letters sent to the “occupier” or you in person ? If “occupier” then think how you link yourself legally to an anonymous letter

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This action is powerful, demonstrative, ameliorative and strongly in support of your position against which they have no righteous rebuttal. Bravo, sir. They can in no just manner find fault with your presentation, which of course implies that they will attempt to do so to their own satisfaction.

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