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The devil has high maintenance fees

The right legalism is not holy righteousness, and the difference matters a lot

The foundational idea of contracts vs covenants presented here deserves a full article, and I will explore it separately. The purpose of me sharing this interim “musing aloud” is that I am using a new spiritual lens to perceive the fundamental building blocks of our society, and am getting deep insights about what is really going on — both in general, as well as my own life.

We are in (collapsing) “Babylon World”, where natural rights (like travel) are replaced with privileges. For instance, you understand that the government cannot charge you a fee to walk down the sidewalk, although they might try in a “smart city”. But we do already allow them to charge us a fee for the privilege to use a car. That is done by substituting the innate travel right to operate a personal carriage with the commercial concept of “driving” (like how a drover blocks the road with sheep).

The Satanic system of government likes to trick us into confusing the right and righteous using contracts, and it is pervasive. How can you tell which system you are in? My suggestion is that it is in the “Life as a Service” ongoing maintenance costs, not the “free offer” up front. The absence of a loving foundation requires the constant outpouring of energy so that the parties remain aligned to each other (rather than the most holy of ideals).

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Nature just flows, no contracts are needed to keep it going
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