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The turning tide of history on the blood moon

Today is a day to remember for the rest of our lives, and for good reason

I don’t know if today’s midterm elections will be disrupted by false flags, cyber attacks, or power grid outages. What I do know is that the last two years have enraged the public and made more folk than ever aware that their current system of government is run by enemies of the people. Everything we have worked for as anons, dissidents, and campaigners for the last five (and more) years is coming to a head on this day. Today isn’t about the America First candidates being selected over others; it is about the old rigged system of power being demolished by demand of the US public.

I am an Anglophone (although my maternal grandmother’s first language was Welsh) and enjoy the Anglosphere (with no disrespect to the many others saving Western asses right now from our own insanity). While I was born in Britain and still live here, I have spent about five years of my life in the USA cumulatively. The narrative I was given about my own country was largely false — tales of exceptional freedom, rule of law, representative democracy, noble history, and trustworthy institutions were ruses to pacify us. So what about the American dream?

America is a moral quest to prove that humanity can rise above tribalism and collectivism, sustaining the individual liberty of diverse millions in peace and prosperity. Today the American people get to reclaim their country from criminals, and reassert that dream as reality. It sets up the exposure of the Covid hoax as a means to steal the 2020 Presidential election — and the underlying (fraudulent) nature of the corporate entity that was being used to govern the nation under a doppelgänger commercialised constitution. This election denotes the ascendency of the “righteous body”, not the right wing, and will be celebrated for a long time to come.

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Maybe in future we will look up at the moon and recall the liberation of humanity?

Future of Communications
Future of Communications
Martin Geddes