You nailed it again, Martin. Thank you especially for demonstrating the bias of ChatGPT. I have already proven to myself its unreliability but your demonstration was even more compelling in making the case that AI is NOT our trusted ally. Quite the opposite. It is anti-human, anti-soul by design.

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This was just brilliant. Thank you for

Illuminating us about Chat GPT. Many are now using it. After a lifetime of teaching and writing, I have big resistance.

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Two things -

1) Be careful of putting your own original work into AI. As I understand it - there may be issues of ownership...

2) John 16:3 - https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/The-Spirit-Of-Truth

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I wonder if AI now knows you were testing it? Will it be more subtle in its omissions next time?

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Excellent summary of your Journey up to this point!! Each of us is a Spark off the Eternal Flame; learning as we go!! ;-) Head's Up to all about an amazing book series by Dr. Sean David Morton! One of the scientists who has been a part of the Shadow Gov't since the 60's gave him his story to put into book form. Talk about getting a view of the Bigger Picture....it's like WOW!!! "Sands of Time"

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…established myself as a telecommunications guru (ChatGPT flattering you? 😂)


Thank you for sharing a bit of your process to “golden Martin text”. Have a fantastic gathering, they’re lucky to have you.

I struggle with ChatGPT use and Algorithmic Imitation in general, but mostly as it relates to Transhumanism and Technocracy — #TeamMankind

I suppose like any tool, it’s the intention behind using it, so the why and when. While you have confirmed my bias (thanks😂), you’ve also appropriately raised my concern (thanks x2).

“…a shadow, and it is an evil one, because there is no such thing as an artificial conscience.“

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