wow, u pulled all of the etheric thoughts we are all having and experiencing into a narrative we can make sense of. I again applaud you on your candor and soul bearing, as I don't know if I, myself could be as frank. ( I, however am pure as the driven...) Bravo Martin, once again.

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Our role as protectors of the young.

More “Gays” (I now refuse to use even the “old“ LGB acronym) need to speak up like you have. Thank you Martin.

We need to loudly, soundly reject this unfolding LGBTQ+… and its inversion. The shocking perversion of a once holistic movement for acceptance and mutual respect must not be tolerated by any community, especially by our gay community.

“Homosexual men were criminalised and repressed in living memory, then there was “gay liberation” in the 1960s and 70s, which then turned into “LGB pride”. That was later hijacked into something else entirely — “LGBTQ+” — which implicitly aims to erase all identities and boundaries: male and female; straight, lesbian, gay; and eventually consenting adult versus child. The energy of a (staged?) liberation movement was redirected into new oppression, where our media nonstop propagandises us to accept vice as virtue.”

“Sex as War”

“Our children are being actively targeted for kidnapping (via social services), indoctrination (via schools), prostitution (via grooming gangs), prepubescent sexualisation (via media and drag shows), organ harvesting (via hospitals), and addiction (via porn, vapes, drugs, social apps).”

“That the average person cannot conceive of such evil does not make it untrue.”

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Hi Martin,

The world needs clear and concise thoughts such as these put into written word on all these topics you write about so masterfully. Thank you

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Brilliant. As usual. Thank you my UK friend. 💚

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