This is truly brilliant, Martin. You have masterfully turned the arrows around to head in their direction and make 'legal' citations of what protects you beyond your unalienable rights from God--

Sharing this with others helps empower us all to see and continue to shine a light on the extent of longstanding corruption. You help us all summon the courage to not allow ourselves to give up and give in to this kind of endless illegal, immoral bullying. I do not consent! Coercion is not consent!

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Unlawful contracts. Piracy. Fraud. However we got here shockingly we're here. Too many of us have and are continuing to tell the truth. Stay strong and know we're doing the right thing standing up for ourselves and in so doing being the caring, loving, lawful, sensible and honest people we're meant to be. We're not funding criminals full stop. Bless you Martin. ♥️

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Thanks again for taking a stand for yourself, AND "future generations"! A couple more ideas came to me as I revisit your essay, and take it in small chunks. . . There are (5) ways to interact in the world of commerce. . . acquiesce (agree to terms of contract), disagree, re-negotiate, conditional acceptance, no response (silence). To disagree (fight) OR be silent is considered to be in DISHONOR, and surrender rights. . . unfortunately that way the game has been set up, if we go silent we actually AGREE to the terms of any and all contracts. There's an adage, "she who remains on the battle field wins". And if we FIGHT we also go in to DISHONOR and surrender our rights. The only RIGHTS we actually have are the ones we can EXPRESS, and we must do it WITHOUT fighting. We must remain consistent with what is TRUE; otherwise we are considered, "double -minded", and we also surrender our rights; not to say we cannot reverse that by restoring ourselves in Honor, remove controversy, and bring remedy. What is actually TRUE is this. . . there is NOTHING to FIGHT for. . . We all ready have, and have always had our rights intact. The real question is. . . Can we STAND on those rights that are inalienable and self-evident as a wo/man. Onwards!


PS - It is also a WORD game, as in the THEY have figured out they can put us into SPELLS via a SPELLING game. If it is NOT spelled the same, it is NOT the same Lawful meaning. I see you using the word HUMANITY. I don't know about you, but I do not want to be the, "Color or Hu(e) of a Man"; that by extention puts me under the, "color of law". That is THEIR game. That is what they own, and will win, if we go to battle with them. I would be like me fighting Mike Tyson; ain't gonna happen! Bring remedy, remain in honor, and remove controversy, "least ye appear before the judge"! I do NOT want "human rights", "civil rights", "miranda's rights"; I merely express the rights of i: a man; co-heir to the kingdom of heaven with dominion over the eARTh (aka. my private property). My law ends where yours begins, and vice versa. We have all ready won! It is a process of RE-Membering what is TRUE! ;^) . . .sorry for a bit of a RANT here ;^)

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Outstanding Martin; 'they don't like it up 'em!'

Link below also worth checking if you haven't already;

projectfreeman 'dot' com

Onwards and upwards, Mike

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Well done Martin. As you point out, "Lawful" and "Legal" are two entirely different realms.

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Oh. The bit i forgot... pioneers have the most arrows in their back. However, in your case i see many angels removing the arrows and healing balm gently applied.

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May angels of truth, justice and grace walk beside you and have your back

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I love how those of wo/mankind are waking up to the game that has been hidden in plain sight; including those of us here. . . at least little by little! I love the reference to the County Tax Collector as a, "thug" who writes a note on one's mailbox! The key as I inner-stand it. . .

We NEVER actually loose our rights as a wo/man. Remember. . . The hierarchy is God created Creation (including wo/mankind) > wo/mankind created the Legal Society which created the Governments which the two created the world of LEGAL-FICTION so they could run their GAME of commerce. And that's NOT a bad thing! Cuz we get to PLAY on BOTH sides of the rails. The key is to remember when we WANT to accept the benefits and privileges that we are making that OUR law, and remember also that we can step forward AS a wo/man at any time! It is crucial we know how to stay OUT of contract or rebutt any and all presumptions that we are obligated to any contracts THEY want us to be obligated to. You will NOT find one code, act, statute, regulation, etc. . . that uses the word, "man or woman"! We must remain asking (AS KING) to MAKE them show us exactly where any supposed "law" has standing in relationship to a wo/man. Onwards! $.02

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Where did you learn so much! I’m loving this story and your fight! Having recently gone through similar court proceedings, as I wouldn’t close my business for our city council’s covid fears, I completely empathize with the emotion and physical stress and struggle. In the end, you’ve already “won” by standing up and exposing them. I appreciate your mischievousness — that’s what got me through to my victory dismissal too.

“The cruel game only ends when we stand up in sufficient numbers and refuse to act like serfs.”

“I hereby remove the right of implied access to my property, and do not give you permission to pass my personal data to third parties, as this is in breach of GDPR and the Data Protection Act. In the event of an unlawful visit to my property by an agent under your direction, there will be a fee of £1000 per visit for trespass. My original schedule of fees also applies.”

“This case remains in dispute, and I remind you again that no recovery action is permitted until the dispute is resolved.”

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