"Now the truth can come out." So very desperately praying so!

I love, Martin, how you cut through the chaff and offer the wheat to all who will have it.


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Amen to that.

Funeral of the old guard.

The next piece is called .. 'Nothing can stop what is coming'.

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Yes, it's all a theatrical PsyOp for the globalist stage. Once we see through the pageantry and puppetry the Spell has no power over us. It's liberating to feel freed from this controlling political baggage.

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Great bit of humor there—got a good chuckle from me.

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September 19, 2018

Castle Lock , Q.


Panic in UK

Panic in DC



How many Coincidences before….

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That picture is destined to become iconic in history books, right up there with celebratory kissing in Times Square.

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Times Square pic … was staged.

Fake news even back then !!

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Thanks, Martin!! I think a great many people are tired of the Hypocrisy.....it's like, what is the point of it all??? What "they" have been doing in secret is now in full view if anyone really wants to take note!!

Of course, a great many will prefer to continue to believe in the Fairy Tale, but hopefully, enough have been awakened to change the course of Human History!! Thanks for being a witness to the Exit of all this Fal-Der-Al!!! ;-)

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Your image is brilliant, as as You! "Now the truth can come out". Many thanks to people like you, it is and will continue. And yes, relief is a very good desription of how we get to celebrate!

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Yes Martin, now, we can get on with the real show🐸🥰🙏🏻😇🍿😎

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That's really interesting to hear nobody sang the thd National Anthum.

'Non-plused' is the word that I sense.

However I bet if it was last night at the proms everybody would be singing with flag and glasses raised.

So I think the national anthem has more to say about people's patriotism for their country, and nothing to do with affection for the Royal Family.

They are after all emotionally cold/dead, showing no affection for each other; except for Diana who shone like a star in the desert; and who was probably bumped off for having the people's affection and for what she knew about the Royals Pedophilia.

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