Sitemap - 2023 - Future of Communications

Letter to my MP on Council Tax corruption

You must defend your castle from state thieves

"I don't care about the law" says you are corrupt

Bradbury Pound and "meta-theory" thinking

How we were legally enslaved

Olive branch or whipping post?

Festival talk on technology, conscience, divinity

Censorship update — YouTube, X/Twitter, book

A calendar for the craziest time in history

How many realities in a psychotic world?

Rave on! Dare to live fully during a "7D war"

When (wayward) sex and (mind) war meet

The pirates of Palnackie

There is no such thing as "artificial conscience"

The Earth is oblong (but that could be absurd)

Sarah Foulds: evolution of family law lay practise

Our planetary exodus from being taken hostage

The cybernetics of evil

Spiritual policing: 'sub-crime' and 'super-crime'

…And yet, you still kept going, and are still here

The final battle for the future of humanity

The moment of truth

“I didn’t choose it, my mum forced me to be here today”

Interview with Tom "Numbers" Sidney Bushnell

Sin and the (false) sovereign

Awakening to genocide to 'lawful outlaws'

Return to Twitter: the turning of the tide

A thank you note to my paid subscribers

The mystery of the vanishing court of law

Liars, criminals, storytellers: the war for our kids

Acting illegally is not an exemption from FoI

Direction is easy, but timing is much harder

"Do your job!" — a protest for the positive

It's official! Pixies write parliamentary websites

New interview with Patrick Gunnels

Anticipating the societal ultrashock

To be fully sovereign you must heal your trauma

A 'green pill' manifesto for societal rebirth

Learning to love the 'liminal limbo land'

The only sovereign in the village

Is there treatment for "accountability allergies"?

Court appeal exposes the BBC/Capita shell game

Finding peace through the 'Great Reconciliation'

You can't hide dirty hands with smoke or mirrors

A visit from the goons of the putative state

In court against Capita tomorrow! Wish me luck…

Public slavery via sovereignty inversion and land piracy

Evolving from the red pill to the green pill

Invoke the conscience* of the administrator

Parliament says "the dog wrote my website"

Leading by example: ask when you need help!

The strange reality of life in a digital foxhole

Never accept the fob-off from officialdom

Time to hold the BBC's TV Licensing to account!

Can we (practically) withdraw consent to be governed?

Trial by a jury of sovereigns, or of slaves?

From codebreakers to meme makers

How to hold "administrative criminals" to account?

Homeward bound: last days of the control matrix

The "law" of public relations vs law of the land

House of Commons references on Sovereignty

Retaking the flag of moral authority from LGBT÷

Zen and the Art of Civilisation Maintenance

You should accuse criminals of committing crime

Is Parliament sovereign (and over what)?

Man vs contract: English energy gangsterism

Is the BBC "liability laundering" with Capita?

We have to recapture every institution by hand

"The Red Dot" — Interview with Richard Vobes

The propaganda empire strikes back

A medley of freedom stickers!

Redecorating the Ministry of Truth with truth

How AI is engineering collective consciousness

Fake courts, fake hearings, fake justice

Constitutional law aligns the spiritual with the temporal

The restoration of equality under the rule of law

The bliss of experiencing just a little justice

Some problems have to be handed upwards

How to evolve social media into cultural media?

A shift in focus from fighting to healing

Is QAnon a synonym for righteousness?

Covid seen through a safety hazard framework