Sitemap - 2022 - Future of Communications

It is known as The Great Awakening

The initiation into Light Club

Why have police who won't investigate crimes?

I just got back from the police station…

Max Q: the launch of a new civilisation

The revelation of the spirit of everything

The refounding of the church

Intellectual answers don't fix spiritual problems

If you keep fighting, then you become a fighter

My own war of attrition against Big Brother

It cannot be reformed, so it has to collapse

Let them do a cover-up, then seek accountability

Twitter exposes Deep State mass brainwashing

How to respond to highly personal propaganda?

Punch back ten times harder

Lied suddenly: the Deep State death spiral

How to reason about absolutely anything

Accountability revolution: church, children, and charity

Discussion of Covid, my essays, and spirituality

Better to be a scapegoat than a turncoat

Sex, the sacred, and social media

Vibe high for success on social media

The fight for narrative supremacy is on Twitter

Patriot meeting places need urgent protection

What happens when Globalism reverses?

Pensions and mortgages act as social control

How public protests keep tyranny in check

The vulnerability of video

Wiggly versus dotty narrative analysis

The sacred nature of children (and parenting)

When the "enemy inside" is inside one's inside

Open your heart and spirit to change (too)

Beating TV Licensing at their own game

The anons will become warrior philanthropists

When in a war it helps if you fight

How to end institutionalised crime?

Solving rigged elections via paradoxical methods

The turning tide of history on the blood moon

How to reinvent social media?

On "holding the line" — right to the finish

I have turned on Substack subscriber chat

It really is all about the children after all

So what is this 'spiritual' thing, anyway?

TV Licensing fall into my contracting trap

What does WWG1WGA actually mean?

How to relate to those who are now transhuman?

Do you want status success or sacred success?

Physical and psychological limits of a digital war

TV Licensing — the comedy arm of Big Brother

The feeling of righteousness (can be wicked)

Feeling a bit Dunstable? Darlington is coming!

A slow recovery from spiritual abuse

Slavery isn't what you think it is

Why QAnon™ is a wicked falsehood

Interview with Patrick Gunnels

Law vs Witchcraft: which will win?

New Vanguard Visionaries interview

The spirit of life always wins in the end

Spiritual warfare in the age of ascension

Guilty until proven free from television

Not starving, only fasting

Malicious communications of the state

I have deleted my PayPal accounts

Transparency disarms the enemy

How I learned to love the losses

Spiritual lessons from telecoms networks

Accountability: weakness of the corrupt

It is just a game of contracts

Spiritual Situational Awareness Matrix

A covenant society, not a contract one

In pursuit of the ideal or ideology?

The devil has high maintenance fees

What I don't write about

Reject the Cult of Official Authority

The paradox of change is upon us

The trio of trouble-free relationships

The Slave Psychosis

Well, that was a relief, wasn't it?

It's not (just) the end of the Queen

Which COG will win?

God don't save this monarchy

Plausible deniability for wickedness and goodness

Yes, there is a "back door" to freedom

The end of my "legal childhood"

Mega consequences of a stolen election

Why we keep on going and won't stop

Bow, bend, or block?

16-Aug-2022 Pep talk

No surrender to the "shakedown state"

Rules for the righteous

TV Licensing: violent and illegitimate

Dealing with the deadly losses

The joy of death

Soft censorship by Amazon via reviews

What I saw in Occam's Mirror

Banned off B&N the same day...

Back in print! 3rd imprint of banned book

Questions worth pondering

Five reasons to keep fighting

It had to be this way

I have joined Truth Social as @martingeddes

The priest, the therapist, and the tyrant

I couldn't do this without your support

WWG1WGA: Four Years Of War

WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event In History

Are you sure you have this 100% right?

Information architecture of the Q drops

Our humanitarian calling

The branded homeless dissident

Decline and fall of the meta-fraud

Learning to love the Judases

A new spiritual academia

9/11, Apollo, Covid — Lies, Lies, Lies

Beyond Babylon

Why is it wrong to maim children?

The injuries of information warfare

What is the cost of a conscience?

Surviving Splitzkrieg

Reversing the burden of censorship

God save the memes!

A Q-urious Great Awakening

Oh yes, there's definitely still life in Q!

13 concerns about The Great Awakening

Going Full ANML Style

It only takes one person on a bridge

Is Covid a cult?

New "Freedom 2022-23" calendar

Interview with Mark Attwood

I have turned on subscriptions

Name the abuse to tame the abuse

The lost podcast — Matt D'Elia

Abnormal times: skills for living through global crisis

What I learned from telecoms